Aelius BIPV Roof

Aelius BIPV

We envision a future in which solar energy can be harnessed by virtually any surface

Why generate energy only via solar rooftops when practically any surface can be leveraged to harness the power of the Sun?

Our aesthetically-pleasing solar panels can be directly integrated into building surfaces in endless ways.

Our revolutionary building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems offer architects, engineers, building owners, and investors the opportunity to embrace and profit from solar energy without compromising the aesthetics

Every Surface,
Energy Surface!

BIPV Consulting

Analyse, Design, Pre-Build, Build, Implement

Aelius Turbina provides BIPV consulting at every step of the project. We have worked on multiple large scale BIPV implementations in the commercial, residential, warehousing &  hospitality sector. We have also provided BIPV consultation to prominent architects & builders with their BIPV needs.


Aelius Turbina follows the below BIPV Stages:

  1. Analyse – Understand your energy needs and analyse the building structure
  2. Design – Design the BIPV system using the technical information of the building
  3. Pre-Build – Work with your contractors to help them see through the BIPV vision
  4. Build – Onsite supervision to ensure that BIPV systems are implemented as per plan
  5. Implement – Implement the BIPV systems


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