Aelius Insulated Solar Roof

The ‘Aelius Insulated Solar Roof’ – the roof that’s cool… literally!


It is an integrated Metal Roof + Insulation + High SRI Coating + Solar Panel all seamlessly embedded in one module. It’s completely scalable and can be installed vertically or horizontally.


Now let’s talk about the ‘Ahaa’ features of the product:


• The Insulation + High SRI Coating provides the much needed “Cooling” for your warehouses, factories, commercial buildings, bungalows & homes.
• It is a single module that combines Roof + Solar Panel seamlessly. This means you are not paying twice for Installation of Roof & Installation of Solar Panels. Ka-ching!


The Aelius Insulated Solar Roof is a must have for anyone who is facing high temperature issues at their site & want to save the hassle of installing Solar Panels separately.

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